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Specialty chefs whip up your local favourites

Specialty chefs whip up your local favourites

Singapore’s reputation as a food haven has travelled far and wide, with the cosmopolitan city’s favourite dishes well-known internationally.

To live up to this glowing reputation, the only way the Singapore-inspired StraitsKitchen must do to truly represent local food fare is to gather the best of specialty chefs to prepare seemingly simple hawker fare at the highest culinary standards. 

From its 2004 opening, StraitsKitchen’s team of chefs – consisting of local veterans and also hailing from around Asia – are continuously on a journey to whip up the best Malay, Chinese, Indian and Peranakan dishes in town. 

From chefs such as Albert Tan who has over 40 years of experience in the culinary field, to Shiv Nath Sharma who debuted as a fresh-faced hawker working the bustling streets of Delhi, and Ramla the lady chef who hails from Pahang, StraitsKitchen puts together the most authentic flavours of food.

Journey through five live show kitchens at the restaurant.

At the Malay station, grab piping hot satay slathered with peanut sauce and along with some ketupat and red onions to go. You will also find the traditional otak-otak as well as the painstakingly slow-cooked beef rendang there.

From the Chinese buffet line, have your laksa cooked and served à la minute and even choose the type of noodles and the amount of laksa leaves, chilli and sambal you want.

The Indian station presents you with an enthralling culinary display of roti prata being tossed and flipped, or how about take some ghosh vindaloo (spicy South Indian-style lamb curry) which is a personal favourite of Chef Shiv Nath Sharma.