Top Restaurants in Singapore – Buffet Lunch, Halal Food, Local Cuisine and Satay in Singapore

Chef Nelson Wong

With a culinary career spanning more than a quarter of a century, Chef Nelson Wong cuts a familiar figure with everyone at Grand Hyatt Singapore, whether it is with the other chefs in the hotel’s many kitchens or with diners whom he has forged friendships with.

As the Chef De Cuisine of StraitsKitchen, Chef Nelson works closely with more than 40 chefs to ensure that Singapore’s multicultural heritage is showcased through the buffet of local dishes that are prepared a la minute at the restaurant’s live kitchens. Together with specialty chefs that have been brought into the StraitsKitchen team, Chef Nelson’s specialisation in local cuisine ensures that each dish is prepared true to its authentic flavour.

Under Chef Nelson’s leadership and commitment to produce every dish in the same way that he would do so for his loved ones, StraitsKitchen has become an establishment for travellers and locals alike to savour the very best of Singapore’s hawker fare in the comforts of a luxury hotel.



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