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Pulse is a collective of seven amazing musicians and vocalists, and an artistically rich band that can play literally anything. Consisting of members who have a strong background and extensive experience playing around the globe, Pulse is the beating heart of night entertainment and a new thrill for Asian stages of all kinds, but especially those who prefer to have a “heavy artillery” band on the house.

As Pulse is such an impressive and sensational ensemble, they do tend to include more jaw-dropping and exuberant songs and musical pieces in their repertoire. They play Latin hits, traditional ethnic music from around the world, plethoric bebop Jazz, kinky pop and rock songs, uplifting R&B and funk, and many more musical styles depending on what the audience wants. Not only does Pulse play all of the above styles, but they also enrich the songs and tunes by encapsulating their own character into it.

Performing every Monday to Saturday, 10 PM till late.

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